The Video Ad Bureau (VAB) recently launched a new TV campaign promoting the results of their latest report, “How TV Drives Outcomes for Direct-Disruptor Brands”. The purpose of this campaign is to promote the efficacy of TV media not only for large-scale branding campaigns like those for Ford and Pepsi, but also for Digital-native and Mobile-native companies operating within the direct response and ecommerce space. Within the VAB’s campaign, they specifically feature Digital-first brands Wayfair, the home goods ecommerce giant and Gwynnie Bee, an online clothing subscription service.

Within the research presented, the VAB found that on average, “Emerging” brands saw a 83% lift in their unique website traffic after they launched a TV campaign. In addition to increased traffic to site, they also benefitted from increased search engine queries related to their brand as well as increased social actions on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The VAB’s research provides quantifiable evidence for what we at Generator Media + Analytics have known to be true for our over 15 years driving client results: TV is the most effective way to draw users to our Brands’ digital platforms in mass to drive business results.

For instance, last year we were able to increase on-site appointment booking by 45% for a Health and Wellness client using TV as the key driver. We’ve seen similar successes driving on-site coupon downloads for CPG brands and online donations for Non-Profit organizations.

Not only do we know how to execute successful TV campaigns for digital native and commerce driven brands, but we have the analytics and BI chops to aggregate and analyze data as it becomes available to provide actionable insights and learnings that translate into massive business drivers.

We’re able to accomplish this through our propriety Analytics platform, Synapse and can gain visibility into performance on a level of granularity that includes network, day part, programming and creative execution.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how we drive and measure these results for our clients, please feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to share some of our secret sauce!