La Compagnie is a boutique airline offering affordable, business-class-only service between NYC and selected European cities. Within a few months of launching the company in late 2014, Generator was tasked with managing digital media.


La Compagnie was truly a disruptor brand to the major carriers and their expensive, highly profitable business class service. We initially targeted cost-conscious business travelers, then gradually expanded targeting to include leisure passengers.


For both segments, we surrounded prospective passengers across multiple channels during every stage of their process. We adopted a ‘test, measure, learn’ approach as we aligned various creative campaigns with three stages of travel planning:


  1. Pre-travel Research –consumers who’ve shown interest in European travel

–  Tactics: Data driven prospecting, paid social

  1. Travel Booking –travelers actively searching for flights and lodging

–  Tactics: Travel content websites, non-brand SEM

  1. Reservation Booking –customers who have indicated interest in flying La Compagnie but have not completed the booking process

–  Tactics: Data driven retargeting, brand SEM


We leveraged first-party data and artificial intelligence to ensure constant targeting to the best possible audience. Campaigns were analyzed beyond site level to include tactics, placement, and creative. This enabled us to optimize volume and efficiency by continuouslyshifting media spending and weight to top performing channels measured against our KPIs.


Creative Optimization – By testing varying combinations of messaging, imagery, offers, and landing pages, we found and deployed the most effective combinations, while minimizing creative wearout.


Since Generator’s initial campaign launch in 2015, La Compagnie has enjoyed:


•  Increased overall annual bookings by 3x
•  Lowered CPA for online bookings by 59%
•  Four consecutive years of revenue growth


Our success has enabled La Compagnie to add a New York/Nice route. The airline is also attracting new customers from other airlines’ hub markets: Chicago, DC, Philadelphia.