Freshpet created a new market with their never-before-seen refrigerated dog and cat food.

We hyper-targeted the pet owners who treat their pets like family with an always-on approach, encouraging them to learn more about Freshpet and ultimately leading them to purchase.





Freshpet created a new category with fresh, refrigerated food for dogs and cats, and its success relied upon changing established purchase behaviors and expectations of pet food buyers. Additionally, the company had to link marketing investments to a specific ROI to satisfy private equity stakeholders.


“Manifesto” was a platform-agnostic campaign with a transparent attribution model in which the most granular media tactics could be directly linked to retail sales. Generator achieved this by:

  • Working with retailers to gain visibility into SKU velocity by retailer
  • Building API feeds that combined sales data with media activity on a daily basis
  • Developing real-time tracking and reporting systems with recommended campaign optimizations

An “always-on” strategy for content and messaging was the foundation for display, social, native, and search. Display banners were used to find new prospects, direct them to the Freshpet site and encourage them to learn more about the brand.

    • The search campaign reached consumers who were into the consideration phase by engaging in conversations around Freshpet product reviews and steering consumers to current customer reviews.
    • Social and native campaigns alternated between driving to site and and messaging on social media platforms, striking a balance between efficient traffic and quality engagements.
    • The TV component was built to be flexible, permitting daily and weekly optimizations by TV program, daypart, day of week and other parameters, including creative performance.

Our TV and digital metrics enabled us to identify which variables most effectively lifted sales, velocity, and website activity, then redeploy funds to capitalize on that knowledge in real time.


  • +40% increase in year-over-year same store sales
  • +58% increase in page views
  • +92% increase in organic traffic