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NBC Universal launched a new subscription streaming video service, SEESO, but they weren’t meeting their app download and conversion projections.

We utilized a “test and learn” approach to fine-tune our cross-platform media mix, with emphasis on digital and mobile tactics, resulting in increased conversions.

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NBC Universal’s new subscription streaming video service, SEESO, was faced with low brand awareness and aggressive acquisition goals within a very competitive category (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon). Their holding company media agency had failed to meet expectations for app downloads and conversions.

Strategic Approach

SEESO’s large publisher direct commitments restricted their ability to test, learn, and optimize media. They lacked analytics tools and a reporting practice to determine what channels were effectively driving acquisition. Generator completely retooled the brand’s targeting strategy and media tactics, moving away from ‘awareness’ goals and towards conversion metrics.

Our “test and learn” approach revealed that while DR TV built awareness and site traffic, it failed to drive downloads and subscriptions within acceptable CPA guidelines. We quickly rebalanced our media mix to emphasize digital and mobile tactics with a cross-device strategy using over 3,000 media placements.

The campaign tracked conversion flow and measured LTV to identify the most profitable media placements and consumer segments.

We used viewing preferences to customize target groups of likely subscribers: Binge Watchers, Comedy Lovers, Sitcom Aficionados, Pop Culture Experts.

Mobile and Social campaigns leveraged first party data to target prospective High Value Customers.

We exploited digital “moments that matter,” aligning consumer behavior with corresponding digital activations, e.g.:

  • 8 am: Reads GQ on iPad - sees display ads
  • 3 pm: Watches NFL highlights during lunch - sees online video ads
  • 6 pm: Looks for live comedy tickets - sees search ads

A customized dashboard and automated reporting delivered precise performance visibility, enabling us to continuously monitor and adjust tactics at every stage of the conversion funnel.


  • Exceeded Year I acquisition goals
  • Increased conversion volume by 15 times
  • Reduced subscriber CPA by a staggering 90%
  • Success prompted a +66% increase in the 2016 marketing budget