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Curves and Jenny Craig are among the world’s leaders in fitness centers and weight loss solutions; but when it comes to media, we had to whip them into shape!

Our multi-touchpoint campaign yielded impactful, real-time results that were profitable, forecastable and scalable.

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Newly-merged Curves International, the world’s largest chain of fitness centers, and Jenny Craig, a leader in weight loss and diet solutions, brought Generator a challenge: transform their current branding campaign into a results-oriented, member acquisition machine. We had to whip these brands into shape!


We knew that the best way to improve response was by tracking both brands’ women 35-64 target across every stage of their research, consideration, and purchase cycle, enabling us to constantly optimize our media mix.

Strategic Approach

The “Get Started” campaign activated touch points across all major media outlets from initial ad impressions through in-center contract signing, with tracking beacons at every step.

A series of “micro-conversions” broadened visibility into consumer behavior and attribution, including online appointment booking, phone calls tracked through dynamic 1-800 numbers, and online lead forms. These made it possible to isolate optimal user path flows though each media channel.

TV spots displaying the 1-800 number increased calls by +50%. We grew conversions by +40% with digital display, email, and social media linking to a landing page that offered options to book an appointment.

With attribution and predictive analytics configured, we turned to multivariate testing to further enhance campaign ROI. Over 100 creative strategies were tested across 300 media outlets ranging from print advertorials to out-of-home, to programmatic RTB display, including:

  • Hard hitting direct-response messages
  • Brand ambassador tactics like workout tips with Jillian Michaels and weight loss progress reports with Kirstie Alley
  • Dynamic contextual activations
  • Sequential messaging

Real-time results informed optimizations on a constant basis using automatic algorithmic equations. Outcomes were profitable, forecastable, and scalable. 


  • More than 500,000 leads, generating 150,000 appointments
  • Over 60,000 new memberships
  • +40% improvement in cost-per-member efficiencies vs. year ago