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August 2013

Since our inception 12 years ago we've successfully operated as Gotham Direct - each year growing by double digits and expanding our staff to our current headcount of 55 employees across three floors in our NYC headquarters. As the Agency continues to grow we decided now is the time to refine our positioning in the marketplace to better represent who we are and what we do for our 20+ clients. To this end, effective August 1, we will be known as Generator Media + Analytics. As our clients and stakeholders know first hand we focus on 'generating' positive business outcomes for our clients. We believe that if we are the steward of our client's media investments then we have an obligation to show them how their dollars are performing and enable them to scale their businesses... profitably. Our core service offering continues to revolve around investing our client's media dollars strategically and leveraging analytics to maximize their ROI - thus 'Media + Analytics' as part of our new name. We hope you'll notice the new logo leverages the same color as our former logo and the 'G' in Generator is stylized in a way which represents the ongoing process of investing dollars, measuring the resultant ROI and optimizing for enhanced campaign performance. Generator Media + Analytics continues to operate as a privately held agency with Greg, Chris and Shattuck as the partners. The Agency will continue to focus on providing best in class media strategy, planning, analytics and account service... now under the banner of Generator Media + Analytics.